Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Perfect Puzzle

I think I have found my equivalent of heaven online. I had no CLUE that this shop existed, and now I am in trouble because I want to buy one of everything. The shop I am speaking of is Comptoir d'Enfance and it is just chock full of French stuff for kids. Check out this large wooden puzzle of the world, for example! Isn't it soooo cool? (gush gush gush gush) It is made by the French company Vilac and it is a great toy that can be passed down for a long time! It is on sale for $20 right now, down from $30, and it is a great way to expose kids to another language! For those of you thinking "that will just confuse my kid" I can promise you that it won't. Kids have an uncanny ability to distinguish between languages, far better than that of adults, and you may just be fostering a love of foreign languages by introducing something as small as a puzzle. Ok, that was my plug for the night -- but seriously, go check out Comptoir d'Enfance and click around to check out some of their other awesome products, I know you won't be disappointed!


Aimee Friedrich said...

really cool site. thanks!

Emma in California said...

Thanks for this nice comment !
I have a new collection available now this autumn