Friday, April 18, 2008

Sweet Swaddle

Don't these swaddle blankets look incredibly soft? When Little AG was brand-new, hubby mastered the art of swaddling her when she was fussy, and I became an instant fan of both him and swaddling. (Well, I liked him ok before, so I guess it was the swaddling that I grew fond of, though I was grateful to him for stopping the crying)

These swaddling blankets from Doux Pomme ("Sweet Apple" en fran├žais) come in a bundle of two, with all of the bundles including a soft cream-colored blanket, but allowing you to choose the other color from "blush, ice blue, and sage". They are made from 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton, so I don't have to tell you what a good thing that is.

Pick up a set of two for $25.50 at Doux Pomme's website.

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