Thursday, April 17, 2008

Babyganics Clean

Oooh, so I'm always on the lookout for a safer way to clean my house (the little cleaning that I actually do, that is) that doesn't involve vinegar -- because I just can't bring myself to deal with the scent. It's making my eyes water and my nose scrunch right now just thinking about it. So, when I ran across these products from Babyganics (what a cute name, right?) I almost danced a little jig.

Well, except I have no idea how it is that one dances a jig. But, I digress.

You can buy this "super" kit of cleaning products that features, in a nutshell: nothing toxic, no dyes, chemical free, and no animal testing (yay!). In that kit you will receive two 32 oz. bottles of "all-purpose cleaner", two 32 oz. bottles of "glass cleaner", two 32 oz. "tub and tile" cleaners, and one 16 oz. "concentrate floor cleaner". Bonus: you can choose if you'd like it delivered non-scented or in Lavender.

Everything they make is certified non-toxic by a toxicologist, and that covers all means of toxic -- skin, eyes, ingestion, and inhalation. You can buy the whole kit for $42 (that includes shipping!) by visiting Go Natural Baby.

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