Sunday, August 24, 2008

Attention all passengers...

Remember a while back, I told you about a Flight Restraint System for children who have their own seat? It's called the CARES harness, and it is a great solution to lugging a car seat on a plane. But what about for children who don't have their own seat? I know Little AG is still under 2 years old, and the reason we can afford to go to some of the places that we do with her is because we don't have to purchase a seat for her, because she can ride as a lap child.

But what about restraints in the air? You wouldn't ride in a car without your child being restrained, so why should it be any different in the air? As a matter of fact, 90 percent of all injuries that happen on commercial flights are sustained while the plane is in the air. But what about your baby, your most precious cargo?

Baby B'Air makes a vest that essentially fits over your child, and then secures them to your lap belt. It isn't approved for take-off and landing, but it is meant to avoid those injuries that specifically can occur once the plane is airborne. It also helps to keep a wiggling child better restrained and out of the lap of the person next to you. (You may laugh, but Little AG has tried this before.) It is FAA approved too, so no snooty flight attendant can tell you that you aren't allowed to use it in-flight (my apologies to all of the non-snooty flight attendants out there - I realize it's not a characteristic of all of you!) Just keep the card that came with the vest with you when you fly, so that you can prove you are allowed to use it!

You can purchase the Baby B'Air online for $34.95. I truly feel that this is a must-have item for anyone who travels by air with their child on their lap. Plus, with the $200 or so that you save on a plane ticket, I really feel that the Baby B'Air is a minimal investment for the safety of your child, don't you agree?

What do you think? Do you travel frequently? Have you ever traveled with your baby on your lap? Do you think you would use the Baby B'Air?

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Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I really like this idea. We travel a lot with our baby and I think something like this would be so helpful to have for us and for him. I love that it is a safety tool as well. I'll check it out.