Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vusion, baby!

When Little AG was about 8 months old we found ourselves faced with something we had never had to deal with before. She had a diaper rash. How could that be?! Hubby and I changed her diapers quickly and frequently, and we often put a little cream on her at even the slightest hint of redness. So how had this happened? It spiraled out of control so quickly and I felt horrible, I knew it must be painful for her.

Thankfully the doctor explained that it could be her recent change in diet or a number of other things, but it wasn't necessarily something we were doing -- or were not doing. It made me feel a tiny bit better, I guess, but I just wanted Little AG to feel better. Thankfully, the doctor prescribed something that helped it to go away, but it took a whole week before we even started to see progress, and probably 2 before it was gone. Turns out, her diaper rash had turned into a yeast infection -- hence the stubborn nature of the thing.

Thanks to Mom Central, I recently found out that there is a new prescription ointment on the market for this very circumstance -- called Vusion. It is available by prescription only so I can't personally attest to it's effectiveness, but its nice to know there is a new option out there. Vusion is formulated to help with this kind of severe diaper rash that is complicated by yeast infections. It is FDA approved for babies as young as 4 weeks old.

It's nice to know there is another option out there when you are trying your best to make your little ones feel better. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to ask your doctor about Vusion.

PS -- If you visit their website, you can grab a coupon for a $25 rebate on the price of Vusion.

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