Monday, July 21, 2008

If you have money to burn...

For the baby (or mommy) who already has everything, you can purchase this ultra-chic, ultra-classy baby bottle from Christian Dior on Though is is undeniably fashionable, it is also functional -- it holds 250 ml and has a silicone nipple. Surprisingly, it retails for a mere $40, which is on the lower end of what I'd expected, actually. There is a bit of a choice when it comes to style -- it iconic logo is available on the bottle in both grey and blue.

So what do you think? Could you ever see yourself purchasing a Dior baby bottle for your children?


sarah said...

So cute but I would still be hard pressed to spend $40 on a bottle. I would be much more likely to buy it as a gift!

Sharon said...

I would buy it as a baby gift for sure...really like it!

Sharon - MomGenerations said...

I would buy this for my grandson! He is 5 weeks old and is having a heck of a time with "standard" bottles so far with latching on to the nipple, leakage, etc. It isn't alarming because he is growing... fast!... but as his grandma, I will try anything for more comfort.

I also noticed your comment on Audrey's "about her" page regarding the Manolo Blahniks!! Yes, Audrey is one super shopper with a keen eye for fashion. I must pass on to you that I purchased 5 (yes, 5!) pairs of Manolos two summers ago for a total (TOTAL) of $200.00 at the always fabulous InStyle Magazine/DKNY Super Saturday Event in the Hamptons, a fund raiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Audrey worked for Donna Karan for years, and my entire family attends this event each summer. THIS is where to get the greatest bargains of all, have the best time for both adults and kids (and even pets!)... and support a wonderful cause. This coming Saturday is Super Saturday '08.

I also bought a pair of black Chanel heels for $25.00 last year! Oh, baby!