Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dress pretty

I'm in the process of preparing for our trip to Europe, where the three cities we will be in (London, Paris, Nice) range in temperatures from 65 degrees to 95 degrees. I decided the best way to go as far as packing would be to purchase a bunch of summer dresses, so I've been gathering them up for a while as I found ones that I like. Today I found two new ones that I really like at Target! I'm a firm believer that being Chic doesn't have to cost a fortune.

I got this dress, in Sea Green, about which hubby said "That's a pretty color" (I almost fell over that he noticed)! I really like it, it is so feminine and TALK ABOUT COMFORTABLE! Being chic and comfy at the same time makes me a happy gal!

And I also got this Cap-Sleeve Print Dress in a Dot Print. Hubby made up for his thoughtful "pretty color" comment by saying that I looked like I had a bunch of "amoebas" all over me. Whatever, I really like it and it's cute on, plus it is also really comfy -- which is important when I'm walking a million miles per day like I know I will be.

The Sea Green Dress retails for $22.99, while the Dot-Print Dress retails for $24.99. I found them both in the store, but you can also find them on


Anonymous said...

both really cute...i like the print one especially! and what a deal!


happyathome said...

I love the dot dress, so cute! You gotta love the dresses at Target, not only for the look but you can't beat the prices! Thanks for the post!

sarah said...

Ahhhh hahaha...I cannot believe he said you looked like you were covered in amoebas! That so sounds like what Nick would tell me. I decided long ago that I do not care if he likes it or not, if I like it, I am buying it! I think both dresses are adorable!

The Little Window Shoppe said...

These are glamorous! What an exciting trip too!

mom said...

oh... i love!!!!
i think the cuts are perfect!
great for travel!
update more outfits!!
- audrey