Sunday, June 29, 2008

Classy Kid

How awesome are these "Keep Me Coloring" Placemats from Classy Kid? These cool placemats wrap around the table, and adhere to it, creating a waterproof eating surface that germs can't break through. Not only that, but it gives your kiddos something to do while you wait for the food (besides scream about how hungry they are). Even the crayons are neato -- they are triangular shaped so that they won't roll off the table. Even cooler -- they are what Classy Kid calls a "Clean and Green" product -- meaning they are completely biodegradable (made of 80% calcium) and will break down in a matter of months, not decades, while sitting in a landfill.

Another one of the "Clean and Green" products that I'm a fan of are the "Potty Protectors". They not only cover the top of the toilet seat but wrap around the sides (because honestly, the sides of the toilet gross me out more than the seat sometimes -- think about how rarely it is cleaned...) where kids hold on to the seat! They also have little grip strips to hold the protector in place.

Then today, when I was shopping in Target (I really like it there, I know, I know) I noticed this "Boo-Boo Rescue" First Aid Kit! It is packed with everything you need to handle all of those little boo boos that can happen around the house. It comes with a Bump Reliever Cold Pack , no-sting antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream, a "magic" splinter remover, animal-shaped bandages, a gauze roll, wound cleaner, and even a toy Stethoscope so that your little one can "help" with the diagnosis.

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happyathome said...

The "keep me coloring" placemats are great! Just as easy to pop one of those in your bag and the table toppers to have if you go out.