Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby in a Bag

We stopped swaddling Little AG when she was 6 weeks old, and moved to sleep sacks for night time instead. They are great because I know that she stays warm but I don't have to put a blanket in her crib that a) increases the risk of SIDS and b) she will kick off in 2 seconds flat. Babies in Europe have been sleeping in sleep sacks for years now, and the trend is finally catching on here -- for the two reasons I have already mentioned. We initially used a sleep sack that we found at Babies R Us that was made of fleece, but after some internet searching, I came across these European "Pamper Sacks" that I truly feel are superior to the other ones. You can buy different types of Pamper Sacks in different materials, but we stick to the lightweight summer models, even in the winter, because it stays at 69 degrees in our house all year long, no matter if we achieve that temperature via air conditioner or heater. I did initially purchase a winter sleep sack and a summer model, but we've never used the winter model due to the reasons above.

Anyway, check out their site, www.babyinabag.com for the different options. The summer model that we use retails for $24.95 and Little AG has been wearing a size medium since she was 7 months old (now she's 16 months). The way that they are made allows them to be adjustable to fit kids as they grow, so when you consider that we use it every night it ends up being one of the best investments that we've made.

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