Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playhut Megaland

Happy May! I'd like to apologize for not posting as much as I usually do these past few days. Hubby and Little AG are both under the weather, so I have been rather exhausted.

Ok, on to why you come here -- cool stuff!

I decided back in November that Little AG needed a ball pit to play in. I had read that they are good for development (plus I just really think they are cool, and would play in it myself if I could) so I set out on my quest for the PERFECT ball pit for Christmas. After weeks of looking and deciding, I settled on the Megaland set by Playhut. Yes, you read correctly -- I set out looking for just a ball pit, and ended up buying something called "Megaland" which is obviously a bit more than just a ball pit. But, considering how much I got for the deal, I thought it was worth it, and after reading all the reviews about inflatable ball pits I decided this was the best idea. So, for $59.99 she got a ball pit, two tunnels, and two additional cubes to play in. What a steal!

I had read reviews that the 50 balls that it comes with barely covers the bottom of the ball pit, so I bought an additional 200 balls to, ahem, supplement. Well, MegaLand arrived in a rather small, unsuspecting box. I could barely contain my excitement until Christmas Eve when we set it up. So, here is my only caveat: it really is mega. Should I have realized this? Yes. Were there measurements on the listing? Yes. But I was too excited to care.

After much wrangling with the gigantic hampster, er, human, playground (you think I'm joking but I can crawl through the entire thing and sit with her in the ball pit), hubby and I finally managed to find a spot between the sofa, dining room, and back door that the entire thing would fit. It stayed there for about 2 weeks until I broke down and cleaned out our guest room. Now, it no longer takes over our house and Little AG loves it. The balls are more or less all over the playroom and not in the pit, but who cares, I just close the door. It was a great investment and she can use it forever. So, if you are looking for a fun birthday present for your child of any age, check out Megaland at

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