Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flying Fashion

As you know we are traveling to France and England this summer and I am starting the quest for all-things travel related. Little AG has no luggage of her own, and there certainly won't be enough room in mine for her stuff. So, while I'm still on the quest for the perfect (personalized) toddler luggage, I at least have found the perfect luggage tags. Of course I just love these Fairy Princess ID Luggage Tags from the Stationery Studio. You get 3 tags (the perfect amount) in any font you choose -- the name on the front, and 3 lines of text of your choosing on the back. (My choice for the 3 lines: Please return me ASAP/I am 17 months old and having a fit/because my Tigger is in here and not with me!) The tags are laminated and have a plastic strap to attach them to your bags.

Not into the fairy princess thing? Check out this slightly more grown-up tag or click around The Stationery Studio to find another one that you like! My other fave? The Bride and Groom luggage tags! What a great wedding shower gift!

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Kristin said...

Those are perfect for your flight this summer. That's why I picked you for my giveaway your comment was very me. I wnated my playset because I too am traveling this summer. :) That's totally why you won. Anyhow I'm glad you did and I love your blog. Just reading back. lol