Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Queen for a Day

Maybe it's the princess in me, maybe it's because my name means "royalty", or maybe it's because I'm from a culture of Mardi Gras traditions where it's often normal to hear "I'm royalty this year" or "I'm on the court" -- but I just love representations of royalty and elegance! This classic crown pillowcase is no exception -- I think it would make an awesome addition to our bedroom, as a matter of fact, because it would match the blue and brown color scheme that I've got going. This fabulous accent pillow is 14x9 inches and is stitched on a fine linen. Be royalty in your own right by grabbing one for $26.50 at Orient Expressed.

PS -- Be sure to check out their smocked children's clothing while you're there -- it's not to be missed!

1 comment:

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Ahh that looks fun. I will have to check that out for my princess