Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rainy Day Blues

Yesterday evening and all through last night it poured down raining here. It was so bad at one point, in fact, that while we were at a concert last night (for 1.5 hours) it rained so hard that when people went out to their cars some of them had water up to their seats. Not good. This morning when we woke up it was STILL raining, and it made me wonder what in the heck we could do all day. I started looking around and found these awesome "Rainy Day Art Kits" from the Land of Nod.

This awesome kit is packed with everything you could possibly need to occupy yourselves on a rainy day -- including mold and play clay, tissue paper art, needlepoint kit and felt friends. Plus, it's right under $25, so it would be the perfect thing to pick up now and store for days like today!


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Aimee Friedrich said...

their stuff is cool; this looks like a lot of fun. I ordered a "Box O Fun" from them like a year ago and it has been the best thing-we give them out when everyone's a little bored or for a praise for good behavior. love the Land of Nod.