Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This sucks! (In a good way!)

Ok, so I will admit that I am certainly not the neatest person in the world. However, I do like things to be clean (I just don't like the process of getting them there -- is that so wrong?). But, I do like my carpets to be clean, and I actually don't mind cleaning them. I get great satisfaction from the lines my vacuum cleaner leaves on the carpet once it's gone over them -- lines to me equal clean carpet. But you see, therein lies my problem.

Two years ago or so, our vacuum cleaner broke. Oh well, off to buy a new one. We left Bed Bath and Beyond $160 later with a new vacuum cleaner. Hubby had researched it, and it was the best "cheap" vacuum cleaner on the market. Riiiight. This vacuum (which shall remain nameless) worked at what I guess you could say an ok level for about 2 months. Then the brush at the front stopped spinning. We got that fixed and then the belt had to be replaced. Fine. But it didn't matter -- it seemed from that point on, our vacuum cleaner was just phoning it in. Going through all of the motions, making the noises, picking up a little dirt to show for it, but our carpets never looked clean. It wasn't my imagination, either, because if you sat on our floor with black pants, well, you may as well pick out something else to wear. Plus, it no longer made those satisfying lines on the carpet when I used it. It was sad. I was sad.

So, today I was so excited when hubby told me thatour new "upright cleaning machine" was on our front porch -- our new Dyson dc25. It was perfect timing -- my friend was coming over at noon to help me clean, and we could try out the new vacuum.

When she gets here, she and I tear into the box. I'm thinking it's going to be a nightmare to put together. Nope. Quite simple. The longest part was reading the directions. It took all of 2 minutes of work to get the thing in vacuuming condition. 15 minutes total. Awesome -- my kind of product already.

The new Dyson dc25 is a ball vacuum -- meaning that it swivels in any direction and isn't limited to going in a straight line. It's soooo cool! For the first minute or so of vacuuming, I had to get used to it -- I think I looked like I was trying to do a really strange version of the cha-cha. However, it really is so much nicer. Especially for that one little spot by my curtains in the dining room where I can never get the vacuum cleaner. I didn't have to continuously jam it into that spot -- I just swiveled it. It was quite a moment!

Apparently I have been deprived, because I have never had a bagless vacuum. This thing rocks. When I turned it on, I moved it a bit, and then I let it stay in one place and marveled at the dirt that it continued to suck up from the deep abyss that is my carpet. I'm almost ashamed to admit that we had to empty it four times during the process (which was very, very simple -- once click to remove and empty, simple to snap back in place). That is how much dirt our other one missed. We certainly didn't get enough dirt in the bag in the other vacuum cleaner to replace it more than once every month or so. Plus, even when the canister was completely full of dirt, it kept it's suction! I was honestly amazed!

If you are looking for a workout by pushing around a heavy vacuum cleaner, this won't do it. This thing weighs a mere 16 lbs (less than my stroller does!) and is incredibly easy to move around! My favorite part is that I will never again have to buy another bag, belt, or filter! The filter in this vacuum is washable (and should be washed every 3 months) which is awesome, plus I'm already visualizing the fewer amounts of trash that I'm creating! Oh, and have I mentioned the 15 foot tall cathedral ceilings that I have in my living room? The new dc25 has an instant 16 foot reach for extended cleaning, so I can finally get all of that dust off of my ceiling fans without a ladder!

Dyson also guarantees 5 years parts and labor when you purchase the new dc25, which means that I have at least 5 years before I have to purchase another vacuum. Lastly, I think this will be a huge help with hubby's allergies -- he's allergic to trees, dust, pollen, cats (we have 3), dogs (we have 2), and pretty much life. Even on medicine he is constantly coughing and sneezing, so I really think this will help! Plus, the air emitted from the Dyson dc25 has 150 times less mold and bacteria than the air that we breathe, so it's got to be better for him, and all of us.

Hubby came out into the living room when I first turned on the vacuum cleaner and I said "look how cool -- check out all of the dirt it's picking up!" and he stood there for a second and watched. Then, he looked at me knowingly and said "it's making your carpet lines". He so gets me.

Buy a Dyson dc25 for $499.99 at their online store. Or, check out some of their other products, like the similar dc24 that starts at $399.99.


Doodlebug said...

I really need one of these!

Hope you are doing well!

Christine said...

Oh, I love my Dyson, too!!!! I am going to be posting some fun stuff soon. :-)

MamaFlo said...

I bought a ball about 18 months ago and it's the greatest vacuum I've ever used!!!

Nice Blog!!

trisha said...

i have a dyson animal and i LOVE it. Its absolutly amazing. I have a referral for a steam clearner on my website, if you need one of those, check it out. It rocks too

stephie said...

Good information on this vacuum. I am currently in the market for a new vacuum and i have been reluctant to try this because of the high price tag. But if it works then it is worth the investment.