Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boon Animal Bag

Little AG has a major love for animals. Before I had a child, I would have never believed that they can show tendencies towards things like that until they are much older, but she was infatuated with our dogs starting at 4 months old (coincidentally, buy then, they had lost interest in her). She will pet anything on four legs, and giggles uncontrollably if it shows interest in her.

This interest in animals has transferred over to stuffed animals as well, and as such, we have begun quite a collection. I tried making a bin just for stuffed animals in her toy room, but they end up strewn around the room by the end of the day. She loves them and hugs them and then tosses them over her shoulder. Then, its on the the next one.

When we got the Animal Bag by Boon, I really felt like our stuffed animal organization troubles were ending! It is made of a pink fuzzy type material and has several mesh zippered windows through which to fill it with stuffed animals! Little AG already loves it -- she likes to pet the fuzzy material (maybe she just likes fur?) and zip and unzip the sections with the big, soft zipper pulls! The other thing is that when it is completely full, it acts as a soft seat for kids (almost like a bean bag without the beans!). Its super cute sitting in the corner of a room, and I am rather tempted to crash onto it myself.

I thought that we were going to fill this thing up and still have half of the stuffed animals left over, but boy was I wrong. We got the basic oval shape Animal Bag in Pink and I scoured the house for every lovie around, and I still have room for more! However, if you really think that your kids may have an excess of lovies, then try the Otto, which has two sections, or the Trio, which has (you guessed it!) three sections! I truly recommend these for anyone with young kids who finds that their house is being overrun by stuffed bears and puppies like mine. It's smart and cute -- and the pink one matches her room, so it doesn't look out of place. Plus, it's multi-purpose use as a seat scores it major points in my book!

The Oval shape like we have retails for $60 on Boon's Website.

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Stephanie said...

Such an innovative concept! I love that these bags serve two purposes (a seat and storage for toys!).