Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smart Stroller Clips

I think this is such a cool invention! Am I the last mommy on earth who hasn't seen these way cool stroller clips? This way I don't have to carry the diaper bag and push the stroller (or the alternative -- mashing the diaper bag into an unrecognizable shape to shove underneath in the basket).

Made by Ju-Ju-Be, they are custom designed to fit on a stroller. Their website says they have "Custom designed cam locks" (ok, I'll admit that I have no clue what that is, but I'm glad they did it anyway), and that they are curved so that they will clamp to a stroller. They have some extra grippy stuff on the undersides to prevent it from slipping and makes a snapping noise to let you know they have successfully locked into place. I just can't get over how cool these are -- they will be a must-have before our trip abroad this summer. If this cool product also solves all your problems, click on over to Little Dudes and Divas and buy yourself or a friend a set for $17.94.

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