Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sew Baby (Clothes)

I have 2 gigantic Rubbermaid tubs of baby clothes that Little AG has outgrown just hanging out in the attic, so when I came across this I thought it was a fabulous idea! It is a Baby Clothes Quilt Kit from The Red Balloon Co. It's everything you need to turn some of those fabulous and adorable pieces of clothing into a quilt! You get 13 soft white chenille squares, natural batting and backing, assorted pins, cutting template, directions for assembly, and fabric hoops for hanging the quilt when it's done. I did learn very recently to use a sewing machine, however, if things started looking like they may become disastrous, then I have the option of mailing my squares in to the manufacturer and she will sew them for me! For a fee of course, but what a fabulous way to preserve all those memories. I'm ordering one right now! $30 each kit at the Red Balloon Company.

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Antoinette said...

This quilt is actually made by Ticche & Bea - definitely look into their baby clothes quilt though as it will probably be cheaper to buy direct.