Friday, April 4, 2008

Quick Change

I am notorious for not wanting to tote a bulky diaper bag everywhere, so sometimes I just throw a diaper and some wipes in the bottom of the stroller when I am running in somewhere. Apparently, the folks at BePe Baby are right there with me, because as I was browsing their site I noticed this very cool Diaper Roll Up that I swear was invented for me! It has room for 4 diapers, a tube of diaper rash cream, and a hard plastic case of wipes. Then you can just throw it in the bottom of the stroller and know you have everything that you need in one place! Diaper Roll Up, $18 at BePe Baby.

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BePe Baby said...

I just wanted to give a big thanks!! I was browsing around and happened on your blog with items from BePe Baby.
If I can help you or your readers out with any good finds for you or your little ones go for it and enjoy 20% off everything. BP20%OFF just add that code to the discount vouchers area at check out.. Oh and BePe is about to go through with a huge over haul!!! New things to bee added and a new great look!!!! so check back often. I have a new great diaper sack to add to the line too.