Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Embroidered Elegance

Ok, I admit it. I'm kinda creative and crafty. I can actually make pseudo-attractive scrapbook pages, and I enjoy having tons of ribbon, paper scraps, stickers, and glue sticks covering my kitchen table (though hubby grits his teeth at it). For Little AG's first birthday party, I made a scrapbook of her 12 month journey and laid it out on the table for everyone to look through and sign. I only wish that before I had done so, I had seen these awesome customized embroidered scrapbooks from Pulp.

You can choose from 9 fabric and thread color combinations, and one of four fonts. There is a die-cut window on the front to display your favorite photo, and it comes with 10 pre-loaded scrapbook pages (refills are available). I think these are totally chic and elegant, and though the price tag may seem high, remember that you can continue to add refills to hold as many photo's as you'd like. I'm thinking I'll order one for each year so that they can all get shelved in a pretty little line, so really the $45 price tag isn't bad if it's the only photo album I buy all year.

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Oh I love your site. Thanks for entering the contest on mine, good luck btw.

If I had time to scrapbook I would be all over that book for sure, it is so cute!