Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Bunch

Ahhh! Aren't these the cutest things ever! What a smart idea for a baby gift -- it will look "fresh" for as long as they choose to keep it wrapped! It provides the sweet look of flowers with the practical use of baby onsies, sleepers, hats, socks, etc. I can just imagine bringing one of these as a baby gift to a baby shower -- so many ooos and aahhhs would ensue when the mom-to-be pulled this out!

I really just can't get over how smart and adorable this is. I wish I had thought of it...

They aren't cheap, at $49, but would be nice gift if you were willing to spend that much. You can check out all of the options at Baby Bunch's website.!

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Aimee Friedrich said...

these are cool. someone gave us one after my son Zach.