Monday, October 6, 2008

Feeling a little less spotty...

I have been stalking the flooring department at Home Depot and Lowe's for the past 2 months now. I stare longingly at the bamboo flooring, gorgeous hardwoods, and even the carpet selections have the ability to make me drool. All because our carpet is just shot. Finished. Done. It can't take anymore. It has been through a move, a family before us, 2 dogs, the birth of a baby turned toddler, and a husband. Frankly, my carpet is tired.

The area by my back door is the worst. I have tried pretty much everything to make it look better, but I'm pretty much out of options. The stains always come back! I'm not willing to try some of the more harsh options because, as I said above, I have a baby and animals in my house, and I just am not cool with the idea of spreading around cancer-causing chemicals for the sake of making my carpet look purty.

Thanks to Mom Central I was recently able to try out the new WD-40 Spot Shot stain remover! The company that we know and love, WD-40 has launched their new Non-Toxic Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator. I tried it out with the test kit that they sent me and it worked like a charm on a chocolate stain and even on ammonia! The true test was on my carpet though, and after using the test kit I was excited about the possibilities.

It did make my carpet look better, and so far the stains haven't come back, though I'm sure they will -- it's simply the nature of a stain. The carpet is actually almost too white in the places that I used it, but frankly I'll take it over the other yucky dark stained option. I like that the Spot Shot is eco friendly, and I felt safe using it around my family (though I did wait for Little AG to go to sleep before I tried it).

Bottom line -- this is a great new stain removal option. I love that it is non-toxic and completely biodegradable (how many effective products can actually say that?) and I think you will too. You can check out the Spot Shot website for more info, or you can pick up a bottle of it next time you run to the store.

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Tiff said...

Neat site, Mom Central. I registered. I don't need stuff like that since we don't have carpet in our house. It's nice but I have to sweep constantly.