Thursday, October 23, 2008

We could all use a little Pixie Dust!

As a little girl I used to love watching Peter Pan -- and of course, the "little green fairy" Tinkerbell was my ultimate favorite! I'm thrilled that now Little AG will be enchanted by the same characters as I was as a child, and this first film in a series of new releases that feature the Disney Fairies does just that!

Fulfilling the dreams of every little girl (and even a few moms!) who has ever wanted her own pair of fairy wings, Tinkerbell flies onto DVD and Blu-Ray disc and into your living rooms starting this Tuesday, October 28th. Every fairy is born with a very special talent, and this movie is about Tinkerbell feeling like her ability to make things "tinker" isn't as special as the talents that the other fairies have. However, with the help of some of her other fantastic friends in Pixie Hollow, Tinkerbell finally begins to realize that the best gift of all is simply the ability to be herself! Little AG was completely captivated (and completely still!) when this movie started, and I had to tear her away for bathtime.

Ok, my personal favorite part about this movie may be something that you haven't even considered -- we hear Tinkerbell speak. I'm not sure if you realize it, but Tinkerbell has never offically uttered a word, so this was a real treat. An all-star cast has lended their voices to this full-length film, with Mae Whitman as Tinkerbell and with America Ferrara, Raven-Symone', Kristin Chenowith, and Lucy Liu rounding out the cast as the other fairies! Grab the kiddos and come check out the sneak previews below and then try telling me that, even as an adult, you aren't pretty excited about seeing this one.

The DVD and Blu-Ray Disc will both be released this Tuesday, so be sure to go pick up your copy to start your new Disney Fairy Movie Collection. The suggested retail for the DVD is $29.99 and for the Blu-Ray Disc is $34.99 and you can find your your copy of TinkerBell on Amazon.


Angie Vinez said...

I thought I was the only person who was SO excited about this movie.

As a little girl, my parents traveled and sang in a group. We'd travel to different churches, and I'd tell people my name was "Wendy." I was so in love with Peter Pan.

Now, all of my kids adore Peter Pan as much as I did as a kid. We'll be buying this movie as soon as it comes out! :)

Mary512 said...

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