Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What would you do with $30,000?

Things I would do with 30,000 dollars (assuming that I didn't have to do anything responsible with it like pay off loans, invest it, or put it in a college fund) :

1) Put in the in-ground pool that I've wanted, literally, my whole life.
2) Make a down payment on a plane. (This Cessna 400 or Skylane 182 would do.)
3) Go into a Chanel store and plunk down the cash for whatever I'd like, for a change.

What would you do with 30,000 dollars? Well, Huggies is giving you the opportunity to win 30,000 dollars during their Generation Huggies celebration! Did you realize that Huggies has been around for 30 years now? I was one of the orignial Huggies babies! Now I have my own little one in diapers, and it's truly crazy how quickly time flies!

I wanted to let you know that Generation Huggies is hosting a video contest as well as the Generation Huggies Sweepstakes. They are currently touring through major cities where moms will be able to create their own video at designated Video Creation Stations for a chance to be part of their national ad campaign. Moms can also join the Huggies Baby Network where they will be the first to learn about new Huggies product information, mom-to-mom tips, fun activities and games, message boards, expert advice and special offers. If you are interested in entering, the information and guidelines are below!

Now through November 20, 2008, there are two ways for moms to create a video reflecting on "What Motherhood Means to Me."
1. Videos can be uploaded to
2. Alternatively, moms can create a video on-site when they visit a local Generation Huggies event.
3. Videos should be no longer than 60 seconds in length and no larger than 5MB.
4. Everyone can participate by giving a hug, or vote, to their favorite video through November 30, 2008.
5. Judging ends November 30, 2008.

Also, anyone can enter the Generation Huggies Sweepstakes for a chance to win $30,000.
1. From now until Nov. 30, 2008, enter online by visiting
2. The grand prize winner will receive $30,000 and will be chosen in December 2008. (wouldn't that make Christmas shopping SO much less stressful?!?!)

So go on, hop on over to Generation Huggies and enter to win 30,000 dollars! And, if you win, don't forget who tipped you off! I really need that pool...

So tell me, what would you do with 30,000 dollars?

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♥Lisa♥ said...

without a doubt, pay off the car. That would give us 500 extra in the bank a month. Then do some (ok, alot of) stuff to the house.