Monday, October 20, 2008

Sneezy? Is that you?

When I got an email about Clorox's new Anti-Allergen Fabric Spray, I just knew I needed to know more about it. My poor husband is pretty much allergic to LIFE. For years he sneezed constantly, and his mom begged him to go to the doctor. He had gone once, but that doctor brushed him off like he was crazy, and without even testing him told him that the allergies were essentially "in his head." Years later we finally convinced him to go to an allergist and lo and behold, the man is allergic to cats, dogs, dust, trees, pollen -- you name it and he's pretty much allergic to it.

Their new anti-allergen spray breaks down 90% of allergens and can be sprayed on virtually every fabric surface. It is gentle enough to be used around kids and pets (an obvious must for us) and it is dye-free and fragrance-free. When we received our sample, I promptly sprayed it over almost every fabric surface in our home, including the carpet. Does it work? Honestly, I'm not sure how to tell. We do have two dogs in the home, but how do I judge whether or not hubby is sneezing more or less than usual? Since I can't I'll just take it on good faith that the stuff works and that the testing they did before releasing the product actually means it is more than just water in a bottle. However, it makes me feel better about my house to use it, and honestly, when can you spend under 5 bucks on something and honestly say that?

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Tiff said...

I'm all for anything that helps my allergies!!! Come Celebrate Fall with me! Prizes everday!