Friday, September 19, 2008

Join the Qlubb!

Are you the super organized type? Or, are you more like me, the super great at wanting to be organized type? Well, no matter your "type", Qlubb can help you! Thanks to Mom Central I've discovered that Qlubb is the go-to website for staying organized. Qlubb can help you organize homeroom parent meetings, playgroups, fundraising committees, faith based groups, etc with ease! is a web-based service that helps to organize your real-life groups online, providing all of the functions needed to easily and activey participate within a group. I know this would be a fabulous way to organize our weekly playgroup -- right now one of us sends out an email with an activity suggestion and time, and the rest of us respond to the whole group with if our preferences and if we can make it (which amounts to a lot of back and forth emailing). allows you to connect, plan meetings, assign responsibilities and share pictures (what a great feature for our playgroup!) with all of the members of your group at once. Features include an event calendar, sign-up sheets, member rosters, a task reminder service, and bulletin boards, which every member of your group can access and update from their home computers.

I know I'll be using Qlubb to help with our weekly playgroup. What could you use Qlubb for?


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