Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cooler than a Clipboard

Quick find of the day! Check out these cool Lap Desks from Room It Up. They sorta make me wish I had some type of homework to do again so that I would have a use for one of them. They come in the trendiest patterns, and are obviously SO much cooler than a clipboard. They retail for $28 and would make a great gift for the 5 and older set, or the budding artist in your life. Check out all of the different coordinating colors and options at Room It Up.


Cara said...

Wow the first comment! This is so cool, my son chose to have a queen size bed in his room instead of a twin and a homework desk, go figure, so this would be way cool for him!

Cara said...

My son would love the check it out lap desk... sorry forgot to include in my previous comment!