Saturday, August 9, 2008

Derrière la porte

I came home from France this time around with a renewed obsession for my favorite company, Plyones, and a new obsession for a company called "Derrière la porte" -- which makes stuff that looks pretty much like the stuff from Pylones, so maybe that has something to do with my love for it.

Anyway, I was surfing the french web ( for some more stuff by Derrière la porte and found this hilarious scale that says "Je suis une plume" (I'm a feather). HA! If you like the style of this, you will like all of the items on this website -- brightly colored and usually with French sayings. You can purchase this scale for 33 Euros (so roughly 50 bucks) but then you've gotta pay shipping to the US, which is gonna cost you another 24 Euros or so, but if you REALLLLY like it then perhaps it's worth it. (Or, ahem, if your birthday is coming up -- *cough, cough*) And don't worry, it gives your weight in pounds as well as kilograms, so no worries about the conversion rate.

Check out all of the great products at this website "Meomaly" -- I really love them! Click around and let me know what you love!


Bridgette said...

That is sooo cute! Maybe that scale would help me lose this baby weight!

Seeryus Mama said...

I love it! My SIL went to Paris last year and would so dig this scale. I'll have to put it on the list for Christmas!

Atasha said...

The site and products are so colorful. It made me happy just looking around the site. Down to the brushes and the hairdryers, the jump ropes and the kids' musical instruments. I love them all!