Friday, July 25, 2008

Prizes, Beaches, and a few random musings

I am currently on a retreat with some of the leaders from the youth group that I volunteer with and we are staying in a gorgeous condo right across from the beach in Gulfport, Mississippi. Perhaps the reason that it's so beautiful is because this whole area was completely wiped out in Hurricane Katrina and so any building along the coast here is a new building. It's hard to believe this is only an hour from where I live -- it's so quiet and peaceful here -- as I type I can see the waves gently rolling in before crashing on the beach.

I really should come here more often. It's so hard to be a tourist in your own town (or urm, area -- since I don't exactly LIVE here), isn't it?

In other news...

In case you didn't already know, I am one of the new co-hosts over at Prizeatron -- and I posted my very first contest round up today -- so you really should head on over and check it out. Prizeatron was started and is run by Angela -- who also writes a great blog called Seven Dogs and a Baby -- and currently features Drea from Simple and myself as the new co-hosts, with some other great women hopping on board soon too. You'll be able to find me there every Friday from here on out!

I have so many great reviews and giveaways coming up that my head is swimming, so be sure to subscribe to Chic Shopper Chick (if you don't already) so that you can keep up with all of the great happenings around here.

Have a great weekend!


Anna said...

Wow, sounds like you're doing big things and also having a great time doing them! I subscribed to keep up with you. :)

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

You go girl!! I didn't know!!

Mark Salinas said...

I like your!

Karrine said...

You sure look busy ! Welcome to her blog directory - I added your page to my facebook profile. Email me and let me know what you used to get the share on facebook link on there ;)