Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Radio Flyer goes Green

I recycle here at home. Hubby does too. We do it faithfully throughout the week, placing our bin out for pickup on Friday mornings and then starting over again. But, do you ever really think about where all of that recycling goes? What is made of it? Well think no more, I've found at least one answer for you.

Ta-da! The wagon has gone green! CSC readers, meet the "Earth Wagon", an environmentally friendly way to give your kids those same wagon-time memories as the ones you cherish (remember the red Radio Flyers?). Each wagon is made of 230 recycled milk jugs. So by purchasing this you not only get a really cool wagon, you divert 230 milk jugs away from land-fills.

Oh, and did I mention it IS a Radio Flyer? That's right! The red has changed to green, but it's still the same durable, built-to-last wagon!

You can find one of these awesome "Green" Radio Flyer wagons at The Green Home for $150.


happyathome said...

I just put together my daughter's radio flyer wagon. Would have loved this one had I known!

jacqgrif said...

My son had a red Radio Flyer. I would love to have this to save for his children.