Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The perfect vase

Back in May, I was delighted to learn that I had won one of these way cool vases from Jillable in a contest on My Mom Shops (and I'm sooo not lucky people, I never win things). They are made from a durable plastic and come in all sorts of cool patterns and colors. They take up very small amounts of room because they fold completely flat when they don't have water in them. A pretty cool concept, in my opinion.

When I got it my vase in the mail, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. It has been sitting under my counter next to all of my other vases for about a month. On Sunday night we attended a wedding for my cousin, and there were all of these white roses everywhere. At the end of the reception, we were leaving, and the brides mom (my aunt) handed me a HUGE handful of these gorgeous white roses, and I certainly wasn't going to say no -- they would have ended up in the trash. So, when we got home I pulled out the Jillable vase, and, still a bit skeptical I cut the bottoms off of the roses under the water and then proceeded to place them in the vase. As I filled the vase with water it expanded, to create a stable base so that it would stand up straight. I placed the roses in it, and thanks to the narrow top on the vase, it created this gorgeous bouquet of roses that I can never seem to accomplish in the vases with wider necks. Best of all, it actually stood up on it's own and looks ADORABLE.

So now I'm in love. This is the perfect vase -- it doesn't take up too much room, folds flat when not in use, but is fully functional and trendy when you need it. This morning my friend T walked into my house, and, pointing at it said "Is that a vase?!" I nodded, proud of my little Jillable vase. It's way cool.

Oh, and it's affordable too -- at only $8 per vase, and you can choose your pattern. I have the "Flower Power" but I had a hard time choosing -- they are all really pretty. Check them out at

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happyathome said...

This vase is such a great idea, I have seen them used at a garden tour. You can also use it for a gift in place of a glass vase, portable, cute and easy! At $8, you can't beat the price! I am thinking of using them at a wedding shower next month with a daisy arrangement.