Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Hostess

When hubby came home yesterday I had a surprise for him -- I was prancing around with one of these adorable Dorothy Aprons from Carolyn's Kitchen over my jeans and t shirt. When I saw these awesome aprons on Carolyn's Website, I fell in love with the Pink and Black one shown here. Don't worry, it's not all about fashion with me. This apron is fully functional -- it covers the necessary parts of clothing, and isn't lined, so it allows me to stay a heck of a lot cooler than those heavy, traditional aprons that make me sweat. The little pocket on the skirt of the apron is a really nice touch as well.

I also received the set of matching gloves, which are so nice! They are smooth white dishwashing gloves on the outside, but are lined with cloth on the inside, and trimmed in fabric to match my apron. I actually despise touching dirty dishes, even if it's my own, so these will get a LOT of use.

I do enjoy playing hostess to friends for dinner parties, so this will be perfect for those occasions, as opposed to my old beat up, burned in several places apron. What a nice change!

Hubby did ask the million dollar question when I was cleaning up last night in my new apron -- "Will this apron make you want to clean more?" NOPE. That would require some sort of re-wiring in my brain. But at least I will look cute while I'm not cleaning!

Grab one of these aprons in the color of your choice, or check out some of the other awesome apron designs over at Carolyn's Kitchen. This apron retails for $48 and the glove set retails for $22. Happy Hostessing!


Anonymous said...

That is just darling! I LOVE the matching gloves, I've never seen a set like that! Hubbies just love to see us in aprons, don't they?
Did you do pearls dahling?

Stacey Moore said...

i might like to clean if i had these! too cute!

Jen said...

This is so cute...almost inspiring enough to actually clean!!

jacqgrif said...

I want these, they are so cute!!