Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get 'em Talkin'!

When I was a kid, every night my mom made dinner and we sat around the dinner table and talked. My dad talked about his day at work, my mom talked about her day organizing the next school function or fundraiser, and I would tell them what I learned in school that day. For our family, talking was natural. However, some families are quieter than others, or need a little prompting to get a conversation going. If this sounds like your family, then Family Talk would be a great purchase for you. It gives you awesome, open ended questions that anyone could answer, and more importantly, it paves the way for more in-depth discussions. Questions like "What makes you feel most welcomed when you get home?", and "What worries you most?" are included in the stack. Plus, they are all connected on a really cool carabiner clip, so they can go anywhere you do! I'm planning on hooking them onto the backpack that I take with us to Europe -- it would provide a fun distraction in the airport or on the train for my students.

You can order Family Talk, Family Talk 2, or Grandparent Talk from Around the Table Games for $12.95. If you enter the code CSCFMT at checkout, you'll get Free Shipping!

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