Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lovin' the Bath Luve

Poor Little AG's first experience in the bathtub was rather unpleasant for all involved. Even though we tried to make it warm for her, she screamed like a banchee the entire time -- until her daddy finally had to feed her a bottle while I finished bathing her (you should see those pictures -- they're hilarious). Well, unbeknownst to me -- there was a fabulous, mom-created product that could have helped us to soothe Little AG during that bath.

Bath Luve (Love-ee) are these awesome clothlike drapes to dip in the water and place on your infant's chest, shoulder and torso area. They keep the baby warm and soothed, which in our case, would have been such a blessing! They come in 3 different designs, a duck, a frog, and a fish -- oh so adorable! These are a must-have for any mom of an infant, and they would also make a great add-on to a baby shower gift!

Head on over to the Bath Luve website to grab one of these for the baby or babies in your life! You can purchase them directly from the website for 6.99 each! What a steal!


Suzanne said...

Hello how are you today, I have been tagged and wondered if you would mind if I tagged you. Also would you mind if I put you on my blog link list.
Hope you have a good day. Until next time Suzanne

Spoiled Sweet said...

Soo cute! Wish I had these when my boys were teeny tiny...