Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Repopulate NOLA

I happen to have a sense of humor (I'm sure you hadn't noticed) so I laughed out loud at this adorable Maternity T Shirt from Lil Nola. It says "Helping Repopulate New Orleans". Being a big fan of NOLA (since I, um, live here) I think this is precious. After all of the heartbreak and sadness, it's time to be happy again. This shirt would be appreciated by all around here, and anywhere, really. The best part is, Lil Nola is a mommy-owned and operated boutique -- she is a young local gal and I love supporting local talent! Go click around Lil Nola and if you are interested, pick up this fabulous Maternity T for $26.99. My other fave? "I'm making a human, what did you do today?" Perfect!

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Storm said...

Oh those are cute! I got a giggle out of the Do my Shoes match maternity T too.