Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Posh Pinboards

When I was a college student I was a nanny for a family who's house was something straight out of a Pottery Barn Catalog. Seriously, every day there were new items showing up -- anything from giant pieces of furniture to rugs to shelves and organizational baskets. I loved the look and style, and always thought that when I had my own house I would decorate just like them.

Fast forward to the "having my own house part". Right. Did I not realize that it costs a fortune to deck out my entire house in Pottery Barn? So, my entire house is not a Pottery Barn showcase, but I still do manage to pick and choose some favorite items here and there. Like these adorable Pinboards for Little AG's playroom. You buy the insert for $39 (though I could have sworn it was $29 in the catalog) and then you choose different color covers for $20 to go over them. Strategically placed, they are decorative and practical. You can even have the cover personalized. These are great for hanging pictures, lists, and other things that have no "real" place in your house, except for here. Check them out at PBK.

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