Monday, April 28, 2008

Heavenly Hostess

So, a few things I am good at: choosing the perfect birthday gift, planning trips to anywhere and everywhere for a reasonable amount of money, speaking French and teaching others, applying amazing eye makeup.

A few things I am not-so-good-at: cleaning and cooking.

Knowing the latter, is it terrible that I am dying to have one of these adorable aprons for myself? I mean, I do cook, just not frequently. And when I do, I usually just open boxes of stuff and dump them together. Ok, I can make a decent lasagna and a fabulous Hummingbird Cake, but honestly, it's not like I made those recipes up myself. I stole them.

And it doesn't just end there. Oh no, it's not that easy. I want a matching one for Little AG. But, she doesn't walk yet, you're thinking. I don't care. She will look just as cute crawling around in this. Then we can not cook together, and look amazing doing it!

Well, if you cook, or hey, if you don't -- check out these halter top, extremely adorable and fashionable aprons out at Heavenly Hostess. You can get them in mommy-sizes, or kid sizes. The kid ones are $62 and the mommy ones are $78.

I want both.

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sarah said...

These are so sweet, and you remind me so much of my sister that it cracks me up every time you post something like this. We both have a shopping...problem, but now that her little girl is on the way hers has doubled. The other day we were looking at these bathroom bags. You know, to carry all travel stuff it. It was Vera Bradley, and completely adorable. She picked hers out, then said, "Now which one does Avery Need?" I look at her shocked. Does a baby need their own travel set? and she says "You know! For her lotions and her nail clippers...FOR WHEN WE TRAVEL!" ...obviously.

And that is a long comment...