Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fabulous Frog

I got this wonderful Frog Pod by Boon as a baby shower gift and I love it! It has a shelf (above the frogs head) as well as the detachable back that holds (and drains) all the bath toys that one could have. Bonus: I hang the wet washcloth from that day's bath on the frogs toes to dry! The only thing is that the sticky stuff didn't quite stick to my shower (yes, I did follow the instructions to a "t" -- my shower just must be anti-frog) so I called the company and they promptly sent me suction cups to use, and those have worked wonderfully for over a year now! Grab one for your kids or keep one on hand to use as a last-minute baby shower gift. Get a Boon Frog Pod now for $24.99 by visiting Amazon!

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Aimee Friedrich said...

hi, love your blog. so cute to see another little Audrey. She's really adorable. It's so fun having a little girl isn't it?