Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MetroWrap Baby Carrier

Last week I received my MetroWrap by MetroMamma in the mail. I am not ashamed to admit that I was so excited about it when it came, that I checked the baby monitor to see if Little AG had yet fallen asleep for her nap, and noticing that she was still waving some limbs around, I went and plucked her out of her crib. Hubby was home so he occupied her while I read the directions a couple of times. The night before it came I watched the demo on how to tie it several times (probably like 6, actually) so it was ingrained in my head, but I wanted to be sure I knew how to do it properly. With hubby's help we got it to sit well on the second try.

Now, this is part of the key to this product -- it's kind of like riding a bike -- you need a little practice to do it right. I had gotten it on successfully, and we put Little AG in it successfully, facing forward, but when I looked in the full length mirror in our bathroom I noted that my version of the tie looked a little sloppy. However, Little AG was actually as happy as a lark, kicking her legs and such, and we wandered around the house for a bit before I decided to put her back down for her nap.

I decided that after her nap, I would take the MetroWrap for a test run during my trip to Whole Foods that afternoon. We arrived there and I hopped out of the front seat to adjust my MetroWrap, which I had put on before I left the house. Unfortunately, from the 45 minute drive in the car it had become a bit discombobulated, so I had to take the whole thing off and start from scratch.

OH, how I wish you could have seen me in that parking lot. People were walking by, looking at me wrapping myself up like I was crazy, but I didn't care! I should mention that it was about 85 degrees out and quite humid (this is Louisiana, after all), and Little AG wasn't all that patient with her mommy, but after about 10 minutes I did get tied on correctly again, and her positioned properly in it, ready to go.

Leah over at MetroMamma was kind enough to send me a Fleur de Lis Bling Metro Wrap and here in Louisiana, particularly in Southern Louisiana where I live, the Fleur de Lis has become a symbol of rebirth for the city of New Orleans. I had told Leah in her email that I had never seen one of those around here and that I knew everyone would want to know where I got it, and I was totally right! FOUR different women stopped me to ask me where I got it, and one lady even asked me to write the website down for her. Everyone raved over the fleur de lis, and also the wrap in general, especially when I told them it was all one piece.

So far, I am really enjoying my MetroWrap and Little AG is too! She loved that she could help mommy push the cart in Whole Foods and kept giggling. I know that she is much more content and less fussy when I am wearing her, because it feels like I am holding her, yet my hands are free! I am planning on packing it to go on our trip to Europe this summer, because I know she will want to be held and this will be the perfect solution. Actually, I think I will pack it in my carry on bag so that I can hold her and have my hands free to tote her luggage around.

The MetroWraps come in a bunch of stylish colors and come in the Original MetroWrap (no bling), the Bling MetroWrap, in Camo, or in CamoBling! Prices start at $79 for the original MetroWrap and go up to $139.99 for the Camo Bling Wrap. My favorite is the Bling -- and it comes "blinged out" in more than just the Fleur de Lis style -- you can also choose a crown, dragon, angel wings or peace sign for yours! Check them all out at MetroMamma!


sarah said...

I just had to come comment on this post because I have never seen these before and think they are AMAZING! I will most definitly be getting one when I am having a baby, and will make sure to tell my sister about it now. They say adopted babies should be help as much as possible to help build that connection. She has bought two types of slings, but this will be perfect! Thanks for the tip!

mah-meeee said...

interesting... i'm going to have to find one and try it out before i commit to buying. but it looks really comfy for the baby - much more so than the bjorn!

Sharla said...

Wow! This looks so neat, maybe a bit complicated for someone lame like me but so cool! My twins are already one and it doesn't look like it fits two so maybe I'd better wait until I have another baby. And that's a big IF!